At United Crowns Foundation, Inc. we FULLY support BLACK businesses & owners. However, some onlookers dismiss “Buy Black” advocacy as something either “radical” or “if only convenient” but it’s much bigger than that. The poverty, crime and poor education in the Black community can be improved by the support of current and creation of more community-owned businesses. That’s a fact!  Elections come every two to four years, but every day we vote with dollars.

While each Black business owner can express their particular reason for being in business, the big picture goal of “buy Black” campaigns is to build a healthy flow of currency and resources wherein the community buys from Black businesses who then reinvest in the community via job creation and donations to community organizations and faith-based institutions.

Please check out our listing of BLACK OWNED businesses and BUY BLACK!

1. Little Black Boy: (An Illustrated Poem)

Little Black Boy is an Illustrated Poem for all races, genders, and ages while focusing on some of the things as black boys/men we were told we shouldn’t be and empowering them to be all they can! This is the first book by Mr. Julius King and his second public work. He also released a poetry album called “Views You Don’t Hear”. Julius A. King Jr. is a 22-year Air Force member hailing from Columbus, Georgia! He is a poet, author, recording artist, part time chef, podcaster, and owner of FMK LLC (For My Kids).

2. PenzoINK Tattoos


Tattoos last forever, so book your next appointment with the confidence of knowing you booked with the best! Ms. Draya is a seasoned tattoo artist with 16 years’ experience and a deep love for the arts. Her styles range from realism, line-work, black and gray, color, and custom pieces. She is currently taking bookings in the DMV/ Virginia area. Please click link below to visit her official booking site: 

3. Friends From A to Z:

Author: Mrs. Mary Martin. Are you ready to make friends at your new school? Making new friends can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Follow Zera as she goes off to the first day at her new school, determined to make at least one new friend. Ms. Hunt makes the process of making new friends delightful, as the children introduce themselves in alphabetical order and share fun facts. Friends from A to Z is the first book in a series titled, The Adventures of Zera. It is ideal for children aged 3-7 years. Friends from A to Z helps children learn to properly write the letters of the alphabet, recognize site words with pictures and build self-confidence: 

4. AuBrook’s Essentials:

AuBrook's Essentials was created to provide fun, quality bath products for the entire family at a reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is our main goal so please let us know how we can make your experience better. Mrs. Tanassa Tabor is the owner of AuBrook's Essentials. She is a wife, mother of two, and Air Force veteran. While originally from sunny San Diego, California, she currently resides in beautiful Magnolia, Delaware: 

5. United Crowns Collection:  

Dr. Tracy Washington created the United Crowns Collection to help unify, uplift and educate about our RICH, DIVERSE and GLOBAL-REACHING Black Cultures. Each garment was designed to not only be fashionable and exude BLACK PRIDE but are also meant to be “walking billboards” to spark conversations to aid Black Communities in RECLAIMING THEIR NARRATIVE. Please take time to browse through each collection in our online store. We are sure you will find items that you will love and/or gifts for your family and friends. Once again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and help our Black Cultures RECLAIM THEIR NARRATIVES

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