Haitian Water Reservoir Relief Campaign

We are committed to reviving communities of African decent around the world that suffer from extreme poverty. Therefore, we have began a life-changing project that puts our motto's (Redefining OUR Communities' Future) words into action as we empower some of the most vulnerable families in Haiti: The Water Reservoir Relief Campaign For Rural Haiti!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Passion Rescue Mission to build 5,000-gallon reservoirs for families in four different communities that are struggling to gain access to clean water. We invite you to join us as we work with Passion Rescue Mission to bring change, relief, and most importantly HOPE, through access to clean and abundant water.

                                                     HOW IT WORKS


Instead of building expensive wells that still require hours spent each day walking to distribution points, our approach is to build these life-changing reservoirs at individual homes to serve not only that family but others around it.

The cost to build a reservoir is $2500 and our commitment is to have it built within 45 days. With all reservoirs, local community members are engaged in the building process, further supporting income in these rural areas. Reservoir partners receive information on the recipient family including family photos and GPS coordinates as to where their home is located in Haiti along with photos and updates as the reservoir is being built. 

With your help, we are committed to build 4 reservoirs for Haitian families and their communities that desperately need our assistance. Your generous tax deductible donation will helped us to loosen the chains of poverty that binds so many in these areas.