Mr. Hanief Saterfield, Sobriety In Black

Mr. Hanief Saterfield is an Adjunct Professor at Dallas College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (California State University) and a Masters Degree in Special Education (National University). As a lifelong academic, Hanief has a passion for educating, inspiring, and uplifting students from at-risk communities. These communal settings range from the public & private schools to the Juvenile Justice System.

Hanief is also the CEO of Black Crown Publishing and author of the forthcoming autobiography "Sobriety in Black".  This riveting piece of literature chronicles his fight with alcoholism and his method for recovery. This work addresses issues of recovery that are unique to Communities of African Descent. Furthermore, Hanief is a trained Recovery Coach. His passion and mission is to help others live alcohol-free lives. 

Hanief has expanded his quest to aide others in living alcohol-free lives globally. Through the use of Social Media, he gained a strong following with his captivating Instagram Page: Sobriety In Black. Please click on the following link to follow his page and view his daily inspirational & informative videos on living sober as a person of African Descent: Sobriety In Black

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