The Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence (Petion-Ville, Haiti) Campaign

The Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence (Haiti) Campaign 


 As of 2015, Haiti had a 60.7% literacy rate, meaning that 39.3% of the total population, age 15 and over, cannot read or write. Shockingly, 59% of all Haitians live on less than $2.00 per dayThe United Crowns Foundation & Passion Rescue Mission are dedicated to improving Haiti’s underdeveloped educational system and breaking the grip of extreme generational poverty though the Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence. Pastor Genecoit Vertus originally founded this rare tuition-free school, but it shut down in 2001 after his passing. This great loss left many students without access to education.  In 2009, his son Pastor Genese (Gene), was able to re-open the school to honor his father’s lifelong missionary work and passion to give back. Today, the school is educating over 225 students completely tuition-free, with over 250 students on the waiting list. Our 12 dedicated teachers and school principal have a daily mission to enhance the lives of their students through learning and equipping them for life outside of their village. We know and believe that a child’s education is the one thing that can never be taken away from them. Because of the support of so many, the school has graduated over 200 students and continues to be a beacon of hope to this often-forgotten rural area. 

To date, The United Crowns Foundation has been able to sponsor 13 students monthly thanks to our generous donators!! However, there are still 204 brilliant minds that still need sponsoring! By supporting a Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence student with a $35 monthly donation, you will be giving this child the foundation he or she needs to help them break free from the cycle of poverty. 100% of your monthly tax deductible donation will go directly to support the student by providing: uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books, teaching materials, etc. Also, your donation will go towards restarting a breakfast & lunch program for the school. Due to lack of funding, the school's food program ended. Meaning, these 225 students must learn without the proper nutrition. With your generous monthly donation, you will receive a picture, short bio and periodic updates on the beautiful student your are sponsoring! 

Educating children in these types of communities is the first step to breaking generational poverty and ushering in positive changes. By unlocking the potential of these students through education and love, The Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence, The United Crowns Foundation and Passion Rescue Mission are confident that communities in this area will begin to see positive social and economic impacts. 

PLEASE scroll down to see the 13 BEAUTIFUL & BRILLIANT children we are currently sponsoring and the donation tab! Our goal is to sponsor at least 50 students. Help us EXCEED this goal!