The United Crowns Mobile Black History Museum

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your keen interest in the United Crowns Mobile Black History Museum. Our mobile museum is a treasure trove, boasting a remarkable collection of over 1,000 original African American historical artifacts and memorabilia. These artifacts span the eras, from the Transatlantic slave trade to the present day. This traveling exhibit is a vivid tribute to the rich tapestry of Black history, culture, and achievements that we, as a people, have woven.

Our journey has taken us to three states, where we have had the privilege of sharing this captivating narrative with hundreds of visitors. Our exhibitions have graced a diverse array of spaces, including K-12 schools, corporations, nonprofit organizations, summer camps, and cultural events. The impact we've had in these communities is immeasurable.

The United Crowns Mobile Black History Museum serves as a beacon, illuminating the brilliance of Black culture for a wide range of audiences. In a world where media narratives often focus on the negatives, perpetuating stereotypes of poverty, drugs, incarceration, and lack of education, our museum offers a refreshing perspective. We pivot towards celebrating the success stories of Black business leaders, poets, musicians, scientists, philanthropists, and artists. Through this, we aim to counter the unfair depiction of Black Americans in the media and bring forth a more positive and accurate portrayal.

Our mobile museum is not just a repository of artifacts; it is a platform for honoring Black leaders who have weathered hardships and made monumental contributions to various fields. We believe in acknowledging the unsung heroes who have shaped the realms of science, innovation, and the economy. Their achievements deserve their rightful place in history.


Perhaps most importantly, our mobile museum serves as an invaluable educational resource for our children. It supplements their understanding of history, offering insights they may not encounter in their everyday school curriculum. By challenging existing historical narratives, we empower our youth to delve deeper into the past and uncover untold stories.

We wholeheartedly urge you to invest a few precious moments in watching our enlightening interview with The Fan Club Project. This captivating conversation delves into the origins of our mobile museum, its present-day mission, and our compelling vision for the future. Embrace the opportunity for inspiration and insight by clicking the link here:


It is our privilege to operate as part of the 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, The United Crowns Foundation, Inc. (, with IRS Tax Exemption EIN: 85-1645450. As a nonprofit organization, we do not charge for bringing our museum to your event. However, we welcome and deeply appreciate any donations you may be willing to offer. Your support enables us to continue our vital work in diverse communities. You can donate by visiting the following link:

In the words of President Gerald Ford, who expanded Negro History Week into a full month in 1976, "seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history." These words remain as pertinent today as they were nearly half a century ago.

Dr. Tracy P. Washington, our esteemed Museum Curator, stands ready to host lectures on the African American experience in the United States, spanning from 1619 to the present year, 2023. Each lecture is meticulously tailored to suit the unique needs and demographics of your organization.

To schedule a visit from our United Crowns Mobile Black History Museum or arrange a captivating Black History lecture, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Your support and involvement in our mission are vital in preserving and sharing the profound legacy of Black history.